Who owns EMC?

Hi, I'm your photographer & owner of EMC Photography Studio. My name is Adele and I write stories through my camera. My stories aren't written in the traditional way; instead, they're written with light, angles & expression. They are usually about love, (the most beautiful thing in the world) passion (the feelings that last a lifetime), and those fairy tale moments that will last for generations. Because, After all Every Moment Counts (E.M.C.)

With the magic of my camera, lights & the right settings, I am able to show everyone else exactly what you are feeling inside. The unimaginable beauty of love, the excitement of a new journey, and those beautiful butterflies in your stomach.

We are Licensed & Insured. 

What do I get when I book?

When you book with me you're not only gaining a photographer, but you're gaining a friend. A friend that will stick by you from day one. A friend that will be your ultimate hype woman, And a friend that will never let you down. 

My team and I are fun, energetic & sometimes a little sarcastic. We love to make you laugh, smile, and sometimes be absolutely confused. The rumors are true, Photographers will place you in weird locations, and positions. We will continuously tell you to touch each other's faces until you are almost sick of us. But please trust the process, We Got You. 

How my journey started. . . 

My Journey started very young. From my grandfather giving me my very first 35mm camera at just 8 years old (pictured above) to watching my mother capture the 'most' beautiful vacation photos to fill those family albums until she was absolutely overflowing with memories.

In 2004 I decided to make a change. I knew I wanted to be a photographer, but not just any photographer. I wanted to be a successful one. From 2004-2010 I earned 4 Business Degrees (including an MBA). In 2011, I quit my 8-5 with $300 in my pocket and started this journey. I have never once looked back. 

Today, I am still learning! Not every photographer will tell you that. I might have degrees & photoshop certificates but I didn't go to school for photography, I went to school for business and took photoshop courses after photoshop courses because I wanted to make sure I succeeded. So, I'm not going to lie to you on my website by telling you that I'm the best. I am FAR from it, I am only human after all. Most of my techniques are from Youtube, friends, family, and other photographers. I learn things every single day to make sure my business grows and thrives. I make sure have the talent to keep up with the rest of them. And I do pretty well, considering. 

In Conclusion...

In conclusion (if you have made it this far) I would love to photograph your wedding and get to know you as a couple. I have plenty of packages to choose from. I am very welcoming to payment plan options AND I accept EVERYONE. I am very pet, child & lgbtq+ friendly. And to be honest, I love what I do so if you are struggling with how much my packages cost. Please contact me and let me know. That way I can do my best to work something out that you can afford. 

I would NEVER want someone to go without a photographer for those special moments. Because you deserve to have as many memories as I do. . . 

I look forward to hearing from you