Hi, My name is Adele, (Yes, that is my real name) and I am your Wedding Photographer. *Insert applause here*

     I know you were expecting a very formal speech about me but as you can already tell I am a straightforward person. Plus, who doesn't like putting one toe out of the rule book every once in a while? 

    First, let me share the best parts about me and EMC Photography Studio.

     It's 2011 and I am yet again, waking up at 7 am for my 8-5, not caring if I wear makeup or even brush my hair. (ahh, to be young again). You can thank my friends and family for convincing me that my photos were good enough to make money, One Saturday I photographed my very first wedding and made $300 for 2 hours of work. (A rate I still charge today, after 10 years) Monday morning I quit my job and E.M.C. was born. Do you know how hard it is to start a business with $300 in the state of California? It was a challenge within a challenge on a roller coaster of toast & Ramon, that's what that was. 

Bonus knowledge: My awesome logo was a doodle my best friend drew for me because I love Elephants? *whispers* It also says EMC. 

     I absolutely L.O.V.E. what I do. I love arriving at an event and capturing sublime moments (yes, I said sublime) people can cherish forever. I love the idea of my photos placed on someone's wall and admired it as if it was a work of art. 

     I'll tell you why I am the photographer for you. I am the type of photographer that will bend over backward for you. I am the Photographer that will put heart and soul into your photos. I am the Photographer that will work with you, not against you. AND I am the Photographer that will become your friend by the end of your event. 

     This website is everything to me and my business. As you have probably already seen I didn't have a lot of photos posted on the other pages. There are several reasons for this. I actually give every one of my customers the option to give me permission to post their photos. If they do not allow me to post them, I don't. However, Above you will see sooo much more of my work. I'm laying everything on the table for you. 

     Most photographers will only post their best recent work on their sites. Me? I posted photos above that I thought were great from 2011 until today. Just to show you how much I have grown since then. (making a mental note to update it monthly, of course) 

     "In Conclusion"...  Below is some basic information about EMC . Don't forget to visit the Q&A Page, I have compiled the most frequently asked questions there for you. Not saying I don't like answering questions but, this just makes life easier for everyone. 


(and thank you for reading this entire page, I do appreciate you)


                                                                                                                                             Owner of EMC Photography Studio


Services, Packages & Prices



     Family     Glamour     Engagements     Elopements     Weddings 

Other Services:  



     Family - $50-$200 per hour

     Glamour - $75-$300 per hour

     Engagements - $150-$300 per hour (Book a wedding package & you may get a FREE engagement session included)

     Weddings - $1,200 - $5,000 (All Packages include Enhanced Photos, Raw Photos, and extras) 

     Day of Coordination - $200 per hour (May include travel, but not guaranteed)




     You're done. Congratulations, you made it to the end of the page.

Now you have 3 options: 

      A. You can close the page and move on to your next photographer's website. And that's okay. I really do hope you find the photographer that is the BEST fit for you because every puzzle needs all the pieces to be complete. 

     B. You can click the button at the bottom of this page that says *Contact us* and fill out the form. This form goes directly to my email within seconds. (ahh, technology) I will be sure to email you back within 48 hours. I do try to email first before calling. #lifeisbusy


     or C. You can click the button at the bottom of this page that says *I'm still not sure* and I'll see you over there. 

OH MY GOSH!!! You actually clicked "About Us"... Okay! Okay! I can do this.

Just Breathe Adele, Just Breathe.