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Q & A

What do your Packages look like?

Our Packages start at $1,400 and coverage starts at 5 Hours. Each Package includes edits & extras and some even include FREE travel.

Do you offer Video?

Yes, we just broke ground in January 2023. Click *Investment*, to view our Video Packages (please be patient with us on examples as we just started)

Do you Travel?

We live to travel. Depending on your location depends if you receive free travel.  

If you do not qualify for free travel, we have a one-time Fee of $300.00 for those areas that are not covered.
For U.S. Territories or International travel please contact us for details.  

Do you have two Photographers / two Videographers?

Yes, we have a team of 4 when needed (we are all versed and trained in Photography and videography)

Is my date Available?

We do suggest booking at a minimum of 9 months prior to your event date to ensure your date is available. However, we do have cancellations throughout the year, feel free to contact us regardless of your event date.

Who will be our Photographer/Videographer?

We do have a team of 4. If your package includes 2 or more photographers/Videographers we will ensure you are well acquainted with those who will be capturing your event.

Do you shoot digitally? Film? Or Both?

ALL OF THE ABOVE. Mostly we shoot Digitally. However, If you are seeking that 35mm look we would love to discuss details with you.

Do you include engagement photos in your packages?

The Packages on our site DO NOT include engagement photos. However, we can add an engagement session to any package for $150.00 per hour (this does NOT include travel)

We do have our “secret” packages that are NOT listed on our website. To see these packages which include engagement photos and much more please contact us for details.

How many hours do I need for my wedding?

               As you already know, each wedding is unique in every way. Our suggestion is this:
                              50 or Less Guests             =            5 Hours of Coverage
                              50-100 Guests                   =            6 Hours of Coverage
                              100-150 Guest                   =            7 Hours of Coverage
                              150 or more Guests         =            8 Hours of Coverage or more

Do you require a signed contract & a deposit to book?

               Yes to Both

We require our contract to be read & signed as well as a non-refundable deposit paid to be booked. The deposit is due when our contract is read & signed. Deposits are non-refundable no matter the circumstances.

Will you be posting our photos on your website/social media/advertisement?

We NEVER post photos without written permission first. Within our contract, it states:
“We respect your privacy: Would you allow EMC Photography Studio to use your enhanced photographs for Advertising purposes on their website, social media, billboards, and/or other places of advertisement for potential customers to see?” We respect your privacy if you check “NO”.

Do you & your team require a MEAL at our event?

We DO NOT require a meal. However, we DO require communication regarding if there will be a meal provided for vendors. During our meal, we will step away from your guests for 10-15 mins so we can not only take a break for ourselves but also enjoy our meal away from any photo requests.

Do you require a Tip?

               NO! NO! And again NO!

               We are a ‘diamond’ photography business. We understand what it took to plan your event. We are not greedy nor are we rude. We DO NOT expect a tip from anyone at any time. Our price is our price and that is it. However, in replacement of a tip please feel free to review us on any review site we are listed (yelp, google, wedding wire, etc) That is the ONLY tip we need.