Timeless Craftsmanship: Wedding photographers often spend numerous hours perfecting each image after the event to ensure that every photo is a timeless masterpiece.



Video Packages Start at $1200.00

Unseen Heroes:A significant part of a wedding photographer's job involves being an unobtrusive yet omnipresent presence. They skillfully navigate the ceremony and reception, capturing intimate moments without disrupting the flow of the event.

FACTS about Wedding Photography:

📷 Hey, I'm Skylar, the covert second shooter extraordinaire at EMC Photography Studio! 🎉 While the main photographer is busy capturing the "aww" moments, I'm on a mission to catch the "oh snap, did that just happen?!" gems.

🕵️‍♂️ Armed with a camera and a knack for turning chaos into candid gold, I'm here to add a touch of spice to your wedding album. From sneaky shots of Uncle Bob's dance-off to capturing the unfiltered joy, I'm the ninja behind the lens, ready to snap your story, one unexpected moment at a time.

💡 Fun fact: I consider myself the behind-the-scenes wizard, turning wedding mayhem into memorable frames. So, if you're ready for a photo album that tells the real, hilarious story of your big day, EMC Photography Studio is where the magic happens! Let's create some wedding wonders together. 🎉📸

The Photographers 


Dual Perspectives: Many wedding photography teams include a primary and second photographer. While the main photographer captures essential moments, the second photographer focuses on candid shots, providing a more comprehensive and nuanced visual story.

Hey there, I'm Ram, the wedding video whiz at EMC Photography Studio! 🎥✨

I don't just capture moments; I turn them into your own blockbuster love story. Armed with my camera and a knack for making romance look ridiculously good, I'm on a mission to make your big day unforgettable.

When I'm not turning ordinary vows into cinematic gold, you'll find me in the editing room, adding a touch of magic to every frame. Think of me as your love story director – with a sense of humor sharper than Cupid's arrow.

If you want your wedding video to be a mix of rom-com charm and Hollywood glam, I'm your guy at EMC Photography Studio. Lights, camera, let's make your love story pop! 🌟💑


Adaptability is Key: Wedding photographers must be versatile and adaptable. They navigate diverse lighting conditions, changing weather, and various venues, showcasing their ability to create stunning images under any circumstances.





The Videographer

Personal Connection: Successful wedding photographers go beyond technical skills; they establish a personal connection with the couples. Understanding the unique dynamics of each relationship allows them to capture authentic moments that truly reflect the essence of the love story.

📸 Hey there, I'm Adele, the owner & main Photographer at EMC Photography Studio! 👰🤵 As the lead wedding photographer and chaos corrector, I'm on a mission to turn your special day into a rom-com with a sprinkle of drama and a dash of laughter.

💍 Fun fact: I take "candid" shots of my morning coffee because every brew is a victory in the chaotic world of wedding photography. So, if you're ready to say "I do" or just want epic memories of grandma's dance moves, EMC Photography Studio has you covered! Let's make your wedding a blockbuster hit with love, laughter, and a touch of snark. 🎬💖

EMC Photography Is a full-service Photography business founded by Adele Lopez. She officially launched the business in March 2015 and by the following year, she had more work than they could handle.


EMC Photography has become known for capturing those sublime moments each couple can cherish forever.